This page is to show recipes that would appeal to others and would make them try it, and I(John) also like them. You may also recommend recipes that you think are good in the comments below. Pictures also help alot if you weant your recipe to appear here.

A sufficient recipe includes...Edit

The name of the dish (Every dish has a name, of course!)

Serving size (So we know how much or how many we make per the ingredient amounts listed below.)

A short description (Maybe you can include some information about the origin of the dish, and how it tastes, in case people do not like spice[like me!] Here, you may also want to include the picture of the dish.)

Ingredients(Try to be exact with the amounts, as I may try some of the recipes to see if they are WORTHY of being put here.)

Instructiobs (Again, try to be as specific as possible when putting instructrions, because you do nit want people messing the dish up terribly, and having to start over.)

Tips (Just to help in case there are terms we need to define, that some of us may not know, or just tips when following the instructions.)

The recipes!Edit

Please note that only I(John) or admins may add recipes, and even admins need my permission to put a recipe here. Make sure to give credit to the user who supplied this recipe.

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